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You are living in the 21st century. Technology has touched Mars and human has reached the moon. Still, certain things in society have entered their roots deep down and often it seems impossible to uproot those. Hesitation regarding own complexion is one of the certain issues that often disturbs you more than anything and many people suffer from sheer frustration because of their skin color. But, there is also a twist. Have you ever seen any person with fair skin is so depressed? This can never happen. People with brown or darker skin suffer from such insane issues and hail problems in their life. There is again another feature of this enigma that the society faces today. It is only women who suffer from such a complex. Usually, men don’t concentrate much on such things.

The actual matter is women should stop doing it. It is only your brain with the beauty that should be admired, not your skin color. So, it is time that you embrace your skin tone and celebrates your beauty as every woman is beautiful in her way. But, how they can do that? Before answering this question, we need to find why women feel deprived due to their dark skin color. Let’s find some facts.

Why Women Are Despised Because of Their Skin Color?

When describing a man, ‘tall, dark and handsome’ are the adjectives to describe his stature. But, when it comes to women, people have a stereotype image of them. The image of an ‘ideal’ woman is fair, soft, and delicate. Such type of idea is backdated in modern society. But, still, some people despise women, based on their skin color. It is seen many times that a woman is rejected from a post or any other prestigious position only because of her skin tone. They are seen as a burden to families in many societies.

Some families think that nobody will marry their daughter because of their dark skin color. These are the types of thoughts that drag women behind and engulf their thoughts with the dark wings. Many of you couldn’t fight always against such adverse thoughts and surrender to those, and finally get frustrated. Until the thought process of the society changes, they can’t get out of this trap.

The surprising thing is that not only men, but there are many women (often the number is huge) who think being dark is a curse to them or their daughters, sisters or any others. If they have fair skin tone and any of their family is brown, or wheatish, they never hesitate to taunt her and loathe her. This is also the result of deep-rooted thoughts that dark skin is equal to ugly. In many societies, the dark skin tone is also considered unlucky, especially in the case of a girl child. No matter how baseless such things are, people still have belief in such ideas.

How Women Can Change the Course of Thoughts?

So, it is quite clear that if women don’t change their thinking process, no changes will appear in society. If you continuously depend on others for your approval, that will end up in frustration and self-hatred. Have you ever heard of Naomi Campbell or Halle Berry? These women are not of fair skin and that never did anything to their beauty. It is their confidence that makes them look bright and beautiful. You may think that they are celebrities and things won’t happen so smoothly to your life as it goes for them. But, you need to understand one simple thing: You have to love yourself. Once you do that, it won’t matter what others criticize your skin tone and look. How to embrace your skin color and be confident?

1.Love Yourself

No matter what you get from others, you should love yourself. The Almighty has created you in the way you are. You are blessed by that! So, never hate yourself just because of your look.

2.Be Confident

What you do in society is not related to your skin tone. There is nothing like lucky or unlucky if you are dark. So, avoid all these kinds of craps and be confident. Once you are confident, you will look more beautiful. It is your strong heart that will make you shine every day.

3.Dress up Accordingly

Accept your skin tone and also accept that you are beautiful in that. Choose the color of the dress and style according to your skin tone. Yes, indeed, you won’t look good in vibrant red. That’ doesn’t matter. Women with fair skin also look dull in pale yellow. Choose the color of the dress wisely and look beautiful.

4.Think Positive

This will not only make your day but also help you to admire yourself more. No, we are saying to boast about you. But, you need to have a positive thought that will help you to proceed in life while waving off all bad vibes.

5.Don’t Try to Be Fair

There is nothing to have a fair complexion. Change your thought process so that you can answer back when someone taunts you. Many girls use fairness cream, lotions, and other products only to get a fairer skin tone. Remember, such products are only creating discrimination in a society which you need to overcome. Many celebrities never get involved in promoting such brands. So, you understand that having a different skin tone than being fair is nothing bad.

Hopefully, you get enough confidence now and won’t think negatively if you have a dark skin tone. Don’t make your skin tone decide your future; rather it is your talent and skill that will do it for you. Don’t lose heart if someone mocks you because of this. You are what you are and you should be confident about that. Once you are strong enough and believe in yourself, no one will get the courage to ever hurt you by saying any wrong things to you and your skin tone.