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Self-respect is a belief and good faiths in one own self. It culminates in a feeling of pride and confidence in human beings. It is a general belief of a person on himself or herself about being a worthy person. It allows the person to live a life of respect and confidence. It reflects in the work and actions of the person. It is establishing oneself in a worthy and esteemed position in the eyes of one own self. It helps the person to be the careful protector of his or her basic rights and position in society.

Self-respect is a very essential element in a person’s life. As it boosts his or her confidence in them and encourages them further to perform well. It inculcates the feeling of giving their best in people. It is very significant because it is a sort of feeling which one inculcates in them. It is a precious present that we human beings give to ourselves for living a better life. It always acts as motivation for a person in life. Further, it provides the person with a feeling of tolerance. It gives patience and the ability to people in general, to ignore the unwanted comments of society on themselves.

Self-respect makes a person vigilant as well. As it encourages the people, in general, to know about their duties and rights. As a result, they act by what is expected of them. Even they become aware of changes and think as well as observe if any violation is being done in front of them. In that case, they can easily ask for compensation. It later leads to a better world. It is a very essential thing. It is rightly said that no matter what, the person must not lose faith in himself or herself. As when it starts to happen, then the real downfall of a person starts.

What are some of the ways to earn more self-respect?

There are ways to maintain one’s self-respect in his or her eyes. A person must even do certain things to maintain it. People must know some basic ways to keep their self-respect integrated. Following are the small way of keeping self-respect:-

Act rationally: - A person must be rational. They should be clear with their thoughts. One must know what one wants and needs. When you know about its existence then you need to be firm on your decision. One must act by their positive conscience. By ignoring others’ negative thoughts and comments one can take decisions firmly and rationally. One must have faith in own ability and worth.

Self-care: - One must practice self-care. Give values to your needs and goals. A person must take adequate care of herself/ himself and practice self-love. One must pay heed to one’s own needs and try to ignore the negativity in and outside of them. They need to focus on their feelings and emotions. Further people should respect their needs and deeds. The most important care is health care. It includes both body care and mental care. People must nourish themselves through healthy habits and actions. Mental health should also be taken care of. One should indulge in healthy social interactions to be positive and calm.

The habit of forgiving: - One should have the courage to accept his or her mistakes and a habit to forgive oneself as well as other people around them. They should learn to forgo things, but at the same time, they should learn from their mistakes. We must accept our faults and believe the very fact that any human cannot be perfect. In the process of attaining perfection, it is humanly to make mistakes. But that mistake should not be our failure. It should not result in losing one’s self faith rather one should act more carefully for the next attempt.

Choose carefully: - One must be very careful while choosing people in life to whom they will be affected as well as associated. Bad companies often lead to downfalls. Later they will bring more negativity in your life. For instance, if you commit any mistake and are afraid to face it, then if you have a good company they would encourage you to do good and rise above your problems, but if you are surrounded by wrong people then they would scare you more and will not boost your moral. You may become a coward and negative in your life. You may never gain that self-respect in your own eyes that you deserved. So it is always suggested to be wise when you select your company.

Never give up: - It is said very wisely that a person who has the courage will never be disheartened enough to give up trying to achieve his or her goal in life. If your goal is achieved, then you will rise in your own eyes. So you must set an aim in your life and plan your ways to reach it. Also, you should never be disheartened by the failures, rather you should take them as better opportunities to learn and rise more in your life.

It is very important to know the ways to protect one’s self-respect, as one feels secure and worthy. The person can maintain a positive relationship with everybody. It results in changing the attitude of the person towards learning things. The person becomes accepting of reviews and positive advice to improve. It makes the person a better human being and at the same time, it allows the person to learn and adapt new qualities. Many factors affect the shaping of self-respect. It includes the role and status, experiences, thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of a person in society and about the society as well as the social changes. With self-respect in oneself, the person can be expressive about their views and needs. It teaches people to be confident in taking decisions. It affects the life of a person in every possible sense.