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Like all the other relationships in human life, the relationship of love and intimacy is also of prime importance. People, in general, are very shy to talk about intimate relationships in public. So it is like a taboo to discuss sex and other related topics in general to date. Every human being shares some kind of intimate relationship with the person they want or desire. It is a kind of a bodily need that is required by almost everybody after a certain age. However, this nowhere implies that sexual relations should be forced upon anybody. It is necessary to have consented to form any kind of sexual relationship with anybody.

Virginity has a very important role to play in the social mindset of the people in general. It is a widely accepted myth in many of the parts of the world that people should lose their virginity only when they are married to somebody whether by their choice or in arranging marriages. But this is not relevant in the western countries as of now. Virginity has nothing to do with marital relationships in most of the European countries. In simple words, the people are free from social bondages for having intimate relationships even before they get married in most of the European countries.

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In older days the women’s virginity was related to their chastity. In other words, if a woman was found or known to have lost her virginity before she got married when she was looked down upon by the people in the society. To date losing virginity before getting married is not accepted with open arms. The society does not accept such intimate relations between a man and a woman before they settle into a marital relationship. However, there are certain things that every person should know before they lose their virginity. There are many myths related to virginity that are not true when it comes to reality, but people keep on believing in them since they are not aware of reality. It is therefore important for all the people to know those small things before they get engaged in any intimate relationships.

What is meant by virginity?

Virginity is the state of being a virgin. A person who has never been engaged in sexual intimacy can be called a virgin. However, this is not as simple as it looks. Sex has different connotations for different people so is virginity. For men losing, virginity could have a different meaning as compared to women. In the case of women, it is generally believed that the insertion of the penis into the vagina can break the women’s virginity. However, this can not be true all the time.

Having sex for the first time will break the virginity but female virginity is broken in several other ways as well. In other words, it is not necessary that only when the penis penetrates the wall of the female vagina then only they would lose their virginity. The female virginity has to do with the hymen wall/ layer which is present on the tip of the mouth of the female vagina that breaks at the time of first sexual intercourse in general. But this wall can also be stretched when the girl is more active in physical exercise, horse riding, etc.

Some important tips:

Here are some of the basic tips that would be useful for every person who would be going for any kind of sexual relationships in their life:

  • It is very important to talk with your partner about your limits and expectations before you get involved. Different people have different sexual desires and expectations so some can go too far extents for sexual pleasures but this can not be possibly forced upon other people as well. Sexual capacities are different for different people. So it is always recommended that the couples should talk and discuss their sexual limits and expectations beforehand.
  • For losing your virginity you should not only depend upon your wedding night. Since many people dream and fantasize about a lot of things related to their first night or their wedding night, so they end up forcing themselves into a planned and timed sex. However, this is not good.
  • Never engage yourself in sexual intercourse when you are drunk or intoxicated in any manner. You may not realise your limits and end up hurting your partner unknowingly and unwillingly. This also may ruin your relationship with your partner.
  • Before having sex exactly you should enjoy foreplay to have a warm-up. This would boost up your sexual capacities and also you will enjoy having sex with your partner more. (Learn more about foreplay in this Cosmopolitan article)
  • When you are doing sexual intercourse for the first time then you need to be very careful in dealing with the reproductive and sexual organs. Like for example, the men can use their fingers to guide their penis to her vagina, to make it easier to locate the vaginal mouth for insertion.
  • You should be caring and protective when you are doing sexual intercourse for the first time. You can make use of lube so that intercourse does not become painful due to the lack of lubricant.
  • For beginners, there should be fewer expectations. Many a time people think that they would try different postures while having sex and so they would enjoy more. However this is not true, they rather end up making it a fuss and could not even enjoy the basics.
  • It should always be taken care of that you do not force your partner by any means for having sex. Also when you are having sexual intercourse you need not have a forced sexual orgasm, you should rather wait for it and enjoy the foreplay and sex.
  • Some people do not enjoy sex as much as they had fantasized about their dreams. It is not to be worried about at all. For the first-timers, it is not a big deal. It may feel like an unfamiliar thing because it is new to them.

What are some of the important things that every person should know before they lose their virginity to someone?

For every virgin people, it is necessary that they know certain facts before they get physically involved with anybody. Below some of the important things that every virgin person should know of are listed:

  • It as a general belief that the female has to necessarily bleed when they are engaged in sexual intercourse for the first time. This is not true always in all cases. If the hymen layer has already been broken while doing some physical exercises, horse riding, bicycle riding, etc then naturally there would be no bleeding when she goes for having sex. Also if the hymen is very intact then there are possibilities that it will not break during sex for the first time.
  • It is not necessary that having sex for the 1st time will hurt, will you? Of course, you may feel some amount of pressure or little pain but that is not for a longer duration. If you make use of proper lubricants then this can be avoided.
  • It is advised to have proper foreplay before you begin with having sex. This will provide you with more sensation and you will enjoy more. Also due to nervousness and stress, there are chances that the penis does not get erected easily for the first time. So it is not to be bothered about as this may happen with the beginners.
  • When you are having sex for the first time then your aim should not be of having an orgasm only. Having orgasms in the female is a little more difficult as compared to men. So if you only concentrate upon bringing orgasm to your female partner then you may not enjoy the sexual intercourse as much as you can. Your focus should rather be upon discovering each other bodies and enjoy the sexual pleasures at the initial levels.
  • As it is already discussed above that men ejaculate easily and at a faster rate as compared to women. So there are chances that the male partner ejaculates in lesser time when he is having sex for the first time due to excitement and joy.

It is, therefore, be concluded that having sex for the first time can give you a completely different sort of feeling that is not familiar to you. It may even be painful for some people at the initial level as the hymen wall breaks so the girl may bleed as well. However, it is always expected that both the partners should not do anything in their discomfort zone. It is, therefore, necessary that the couple should comfortably go into any sort of sexual practice in their life, especially when it is for the first time for any of the partners.