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Sexual desire or sexual behavior of humans is a way by which human beings express their sexual needs and wants. It can also be named as sexual intercourse. It may have many reasons and in different ways. They all vary according to their purposes and needs. It includes many other sexual activities related to sexual behavior such as masturbation, seduction, non-penetrative sex or oral sex. Human sexual activities have many aspects relating to sociological, biological and emotional activities and attachments. In every culture, sex is considered important for its main reason for the production and continuation of life with the next generation. But sex is much more than that. It is a bodily need also of a human after a certain age.

After adolescents when a person becomes sexually active and mature it is because of biological changes and human desires. So it also becomes a desire for the human body which brings them satisfaction and happiness. In some cultures, the sexual behavior of a particular gender is associated with norms and values. It affects the actual sexual activity of people in a major way. It allows one person to be free to be expressive for his desires while restricts the other to be submissive to the dominant one. This generally works following the patriarchy norms. Here men generally are the dominant ones over the women. This has become a way that is widely accepted and practiced by people emotionally.

But over time, this particular dominance of men in bed is disturbing both men and women. As now often men want their partners to be dominant and take the first move. Even women often want to take the first move and be expressive for their needs and desires but were bound by the way it had been happening or rather controlled by men of the society in general. This affected the sexual activity and its pleasure. So the women also should take a step ahead for expressing their desires. They should be more dominant in this regard and become open to talk and discuss their wants to their partners. This will make their sexual activity better and the desires of both the partners would be fulfilled.

 How can you drive your man crazy in bed?

Here are some of the basic tips that every woman can follow to make their male partner fall for them, or in other words by following these tips women can dominate over men in bed. Dominating men in bed does not only mean that you need to imitate the men’s role in bed. It is more like ruling the mind of your man in bed so that you can dominate and satisfy them in sexual terms. Following are the tips for dominating your man in bed:

  • Generally it is not expected of a woman to take a wild step during sexual intercourse. So it is all upon the men to drive their partners crazy in bed and desire them more while having sex. But have you ever thought that the feeling that you get when you desire or want your man in the bed could also be pleasing for them? In other words, it can be said the men would also like to go crazy for their female partners. This would only be possible when the females would go for some wild step that would attract their men and so they would want the females to take the charge in the bed.
  • You need to make certain changes in your postures and speed while you are having sex with your partner. You should take some steps that your partner would not be expecting so that it amazes him. If he gets attracted then he would want you to do things to him and he would like to enjoy rather than perform. It was thought that a woman who initiates sexual activities is pro. But as of now men like their lady to be bold in bed so that they can enjoy the sexual intercourse fully, otherwise the sexual process remains one way and it does not please men as much as it does when the females also take part actively.
  • Turning on while having sex is a great thing for both the partners. In general, the women wait for the men to turn them on for having sex. What if this role is reversed? If that happens then the men would be pleased more. If the women would try to turn the men on then the sex would be more enjoyable on the part of men and it would be a change for the females as well. At the same time turning yourself on instead of waiting for your male partner to do it would excite them more. Men would love to see their partners already prepared for them.
  • While having sex the females need to come out of their good girl manifestation to drive men crazy in bed. If they would be a little spicy and naughty then it would be good for their sexual life, as any men would love to make love to a female who enthusiastically participates and makes a move that surprises him rather then making love to somebody who does not bring the sensation to him. If you become naughty then the command will be in your hands and you can make them want you more.
  • The females must make eye contact with their male partners while having sex so that they both can exchange their pleasure and sexual vibes to each other emotionally. This would create a kind of sensation and at the same time, it will bring a different kind of sexual energy and understanding between the two partners. In today’s language, it would be a bold step and a hot sensation for both the partners.
  • Men have various fantasies for bed. They sometimes like to dominate the action while having sex and on the other hand they eventually enjoy things done to them. However if all the time they have to take the charge over their female partner in bed then they may just lose interest and would want some spice. If the females take the charge in their hand and not only initiates sexual activities but also go on taking it forward till the end then men would enjoy that a lot. They would love to enjoy lying down on the bed and enjoying their fantasies getting fulfilled.
  • Foreplay is a must in any sexual activity. It arouses the couple and brings hot sensations in their nerves. They become more sexually active and aroused. Females easily get wet if they are subjected to good foreplay, so is the case with men. They also love to do as well as enjoy the foreplay. But in general, the men only do the foreplay activities and do not get the chance to enjoy the foreplay activities being done to them. If the females would start with the foreplay with men then it would please them a lot and they would want more in bed.
  • As it is already been discussed that men have various sexual fantasies and so they have various desires. One of them is also related to female lingerie. Men have this desire generally to see their female partners in their desired clothes and especially the undergarments. It is sort of a signal that their female partners are ready for them and they desire them.
  • It is good to be ready for your partner for sex when you both desire to have it. However when you make your partner wait for you in bed then it makes them more and more excited and they become more curious as to what is making you take more time. And if you take some time to surrender yourself completely then it would simply excite them more and would bring them to a different romantic zone, provided your waiting timing is managed. If you simply plan your sex life then it would be easy for you to manage things and you would enjoy more.
  • You should try something new and different from your regular pattern of sexual activities. Anal sex could be one of such different options. If your sex life would be matured and enthusiastic then the spark in your relationship will glow more. It is not like that only sexual life determines your relationship status, but it is one of the major factors that satisfy both the partners. So if you can do something different and your body allows it then you can try such things.

There could be several other ways in which the females can dominate the men in bed while they go for sexual intercourse. The above mentioned tips are some of the basic and most important tips that every woman should know and try with their male partners in bed. Gone are the days when only men used to impose their sexual want over females. Nowadays for a good sexual life both the partners should talk and discuss their needs and then proceed.