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Have you ever thought of trying out fantasy sex? How about sex with a mighty dragon? Sounds fiery orgasmic, isn’t it? You bet. Then, how would it be to enjoy some intimate sessions with a mystique alien? It’s mysterious and eerily enigmatic. Well, fantasy sex is all about inducing bits of fantasy in your intimate sessions to make things more interesting. If you wish to add color and spice to your regular steamy moments, fantasy sex holds the answer for you.

But, how do you introduce the fantasy level in your intimate sessions? Well, you have the fantasy dildos here to bring your fantasy fetishes straight to your private den. And fantasy dildos are not limited to dragon dildos or alien dildos. You have a vast and versatile selection here to choose from, ranging from starter fantasy dildos, zombie dildos, tentacle dildos and what not!

You must be all geared up by now to check out these amazing dildos in real life. The great part is the post below introduces you to some of the best fantasy dildo toys available in the current adult toy market today.

The Alien

As the name says, you have a solid fantasy alien dildo here. The blue shade is sheer charm and its elaborate veiny textures speak of intense stimulation with every thrust. The dildo is made from pure 100 percent silicone which makes it soft, comfortable and absolutely body-safe. In regards to insertable length of the toy, it is a nifty 5.7” which makes the toy a perfect pick for the beginners.

Alien Bellybuster

If you wish to go really hard-core with your fantasy alien sex, this dildo would be just the thing for you. Its unmistakable sinister teeth coupled with big rectangular head speak of some solid action down under. The shaped curved tip as well as muscular detail assures constant bouts of rich orgasms for the users. When it comes to insertable length, the toy features 6.1” length which means it’s especially suitable for medium to large dildo users. Akin to the previous one, this toy too has been crafted from 100 percent silicone. You will find in as many as 29 shades to choose from. This one is our favorite, and still have some stocks that you can purchase.

Orochi dragon

This enormous dragon dildo stands out in the crowd with its sheer muscular girth that guarantees absolute pleasure right from the start. This incredible spectacle sports a ribbed broad head which will sweep you into the land of ultimate erotic sensation straight from the first push. If you are craving for some solid action with a mighty dragon, this is the toy for you. The toy is brilliantly designed with scale-like textures all across its body so that you can always relish a pleasure-filled dildo odyssey. Then, of course the ribbed curves and bends will complement your erotic wishes to the T. Mention must be made of the multiple curves that converge right to tip to ensure a truly sensational insert. You will find the toy in a wide selection of sizes.

The Hentai

Have you ever heard of tentacle sex? Well, it’s about having sex with animals with tentacles, such as octopus. If the thought of an octopus sucking out your dainty sweet spot sends you into an erotic frenzy, count on tentacle dildos. The Hentai is one of the best tentacle dildos you will find in the market.

What sets tentacle dildos like this apart is their line of suckers all across the body, right from the base to the tip. These suckers will heighten the stimulation and transport you into the absolute land of pleasure and ecstasy in no time. The toy has been crafted from silicone which makes it soft yet firm, ultra-comfortable and of course body-safe. When it comes to length, the toy sports a fantastic 8 inches insertable length and hence it’s best for the seasoned users only. And coupled with its 6.25 inches of shaft, the toy assures consistent pleasure throughout your play session. On top of that, you will love its smartly designed tapered tip which is excellent for G-spot as well as P-spot stimulation.

The toy also comes with suction cup which means you will be able to enjoy solid hands-free dildo play here.

Zombie dildo from Geeky Sex Toys

Do you have a thing for the zombie movies and games? Have you often wondered how would it be like to engage in some raw erotic action with a zombie? Well, in that case, this huge skin-colored and extremely elaborate zombie dildo would be the thing for you. Its elevated stringy textures speak of serious pleasure and you will never be able to get enough of the toy. The toy features 6.5 inch insertable length and 6 inches of girth that guarantee immense pleasure right from the very sight of it.

Moreover, this zombie dildo is completely made from silicone and also is absolutely waterproof. So, if you have the fantasy having a shower sex with a zombie, this is the very toy for you.

The Majesty

You have a super cool unicorn dildo here which amazes with its varied platter of amazing colors all through the body of the toy. With 7 colors covering the entire toy, it aptly represents the mystic horn of a fantasy unicorn. It is made from silicone and comes with 5.7 inches insertable length.

Final words

You will be glad to know most of these fantasy toys can be customized as per your specifications. You can pre-set the size, color as well as the level of firmness here. Despite the growing variety and popularity of these products, there remains a societal hesitation among women to openly discuss masturbation and the use of sex toys. Breaking this silence is essential, as sharing experiences and preferences can lead to greater sexual empowerment and well-being.

So, whether you are a new user looking for a small toy or a seasoned one craving for an extra-large insert, there are fantasy dildos for users of all levels. But, try to avoid generic stores while buying your fantasy dildos. As these are specialized toys, these are especially available in adult toy stores that specialize in fantasy toys. Always check out the reviews and ratings before making your final decisions. Since these are exquisite toys, the prices would be on higher end compared to regular dildos. It’s okay to spend some more for an exotic toy but make sure it is worth your hard-earned money.