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Life is uncertain and challenging too. Sometimes failures, sufferings, pain, frustration is unbearable. We have to accept the fact because these are inevitable part of our life. But our effort and growth will make a massive change in our life. Here are some everyday tips that will empower your life:

Self Love:

Each day show yourself love. It can be as simple as lighting up your favorite candle, lathering your body in coconut oil, or writing down the things you love about yourself. Practice self-love regularly. You will feel the change after 2 months. Showing yourself self-love will reflect in your subconscious mind and enhance confidence level.
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Make a gratitude list:

You are alive, breathing, you have food to eat, a place to live and health, it means you are lucky than millions of people. Be thankful for what you have.I truly think having an attitude of gratitude will change your life, heck it has changed mine.

Learn to dominate your mind:

Don’t influence your mind by unnecessary things which can reduce self-progress. Suppose, your friend has got a job at Google. Someone has promoted to a new position or your close friend has bought a new model BMW car. Don’t be jealous. Just let it be. Convince your mind that your goal is somewhere else and you are on the way to reach your goal. Don’t be that woman that hates on another woman’s success. That hateful energy is toxic.

Remark successful people:

Successful people have many brilliant things which we can learn from them. But don’t follow them blindly, pick up their good qualities and life tips which are relevant and realistic to you.Implement it in your daily lifestyle.
Some of my favorite gals to follow online are:

@Lavendaire – she has an amazing YouTube channel that ultimately shows you how to be the best version of yourself. Her style and aesthetic soothe me mind and motivate me all at once.

@JennaKutcher – Her podcast is filled with amazing tips for women who have a business or are thinking about starting one. She shares some of her deepest secrets and painful experiences. Her openness to being vulnerable is something you don’t come across very often.

@Rupikaur_ – I absolutely love her mind. She is a craftsman with words and talented beyond belief.Just as I wrote earlier, I like to implement some of the things these remarkable women teach me.

However, I do not idolize them or want to be them. Be sure that you understand that your uniqueness is something you shouldn’t want to change. They might be amazing but so are you.

P.S if you would like me to give you my full list of the women that I LOVE to follow and that inspire me, comment down below.

Utilize your time:

Your surrounding world is designed in a way that will distract your mind continuously at every moment. Forget about all distractions,keep reminding your passion to yourself every hour, do meditation, divide your time in the small slot with a pre-planned schedule and work as it is your last day in the world.In a previous blog I have underlined the Top 10 Ways Successful Women Invest Their Time. It is one of my most read blog posts EVER. Once you read it you’ll understand why women have loved it.

Stands out from the crowd:

What average people do? Wake up, eat, pray, work, complain and die. Just break this cycle. Wake up, pray, meditate, run, do cycling, help people and do what you love to do. Don’t depend on luck, get out of your comfort zone, start your own business or launch your own website or start your own blog or YouTube channel or write a book. If you love to travel a lot, you can start your own travel blog. Whatever you do, don’t be a part of crowd, be a Outlier by your innovative ideas, right decision and creative work.

Understand the mindset of people:

This practice will make you smart. So, socialize with people as much as you can. Enhance your social and friends circle, talk with strangers, habituate to work in a group, practice teaching skill, teach kids or teenagers or anyone, observe the behavior and traits of people. You will start to understand the different mindset and different thoughts of people when you will communicate with lots of people.

15 minutes rule :

Everyday learn something new or acquire certain level of a new skill. Just spend 15 minutes on this new skill. Suppose, you have some basic idea about photography. But you want to improve your photography skill. So, spend 15 minutes for taking snaps and read articles about photography.. Do it 2 weeks. Then, enhance 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Gradually, you will increase the time. Later, do some professional courses on photography. Our main problem is that we are always afraid to start and leave the work within the mid way. So, start from small, make it big with tricky effort.

Everything will be Okay:

You can be bankrupted, lose your loved one, betrayed, rejected and cheated, lost in the battle of life, fired from a job, failed in your start-up business and so on. But always remember that, everything will be okay at the end of the day. You are more Powerful than that of these failures and sufferings. You have all the immense power to be a legend. Feel the inner power. Imagine that you can handle all the problems smoothly. Just believe in yourself.

Life is a like a game. It does not mean that you always have to win the game. Sometimes you have to lose the game for winning the long run. So, endure sufferings with the highest effort, try to combat it, maintain a positive mindset and work smart, not hard.