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This question in the title of the article makes it contradictory. We all know about the importance of the body in pursuing the best lifestyle. However, there are people on earth who judge every aspect of humans on the shape, colour, and size of the body. If you are one of them who likes to judge people based on their body, then you are in the right place because this article is going to change your thought process exceptionally.

This article is going to focus on the significance of the body in our life. We all humans are made of organs, flesh, and bones, that we call a body. Humans are made all these which we call the body. If you are underconfident regarding your body, then you will get a new way of thinking after reading this article.

Current scenario and a few examples

Many of us don’t love our bodies. We can prove it psychologically for sure. Let us take an example, if any stranger calls you ugly, tells you that you are full of wrinkles and you are disgusting. At this point how will you react? maybe you will reply to that person. After it gets over, your mind had already made a list of all these bad statements. Now it is the turn of your mind to remind you of all those bad compliments.

Your thought process will choose to think about it. You will question yourself that whatever that person was saying, is that true. Maybe it can happen that you will get up from your seat and stands before the mirror to make sure that you look good and that person was wrong. This is the real-life scenarios through which we all have been. This is a very natural thought process of our mine. There is nothing wrong with that but it becomes worse when you keep on thinking about it for a long period. Along with bad thoughts, if you will feel very less confidence in yourself. Then, it is a huge issue.

This problem is called BODY SHAME. We will let you know about this in-depth by discussing more on it. Let us dive in the same to get knowledge about this.

What is body shame?

As the term identifies, it is a state of mind in humans most likely in teenagers where they get an underconfident feeling of lacking a perfect body shape or size. Many of us go through this kind of situation where we eventually lack self -confidence. If you have problems with lack of self-confidence, read this article. In some of the severe cases, people start bullying the person to make fun of them but that hurts that person which leads to any serious issue.

There is a cultural body disgracing that is englued to the point that it can feel like reality. However, it's not reality. You don't need to change your body to the merit of indicating it off any way you'd like.

With all the cultural difficulties we face, our family ancestry might be another obstruction to survive. Our qualities and convictions are gone down through ages. Numerous children were advised legitimately to change their appearance, since they were excessively fat, excessively slight, or generally not right.

In different families, guardians were not mindful to not to censure their youngster's body, still, they condemned their very own bodies and displayed practices like consistent counting calories, which sent the message that their body type wasn't adequate. This is a case of exception message, about the fact that regardless of the body structure of their child, the parent never unequivocally revealed to them what the "right" body should appear as though. Despite everything you taught your children about the structure of the body, sometimes they disguised the message and tend to thinks that their body wasn't adequate as it might have been.

Tips to avoid body shaming

There are numerous ways through which you can avoid the single thought of body shaming. You should be proud of your body and its structure, it doesn’t matter that you are fat, slim or not. Taking care of the body is a different thing but getting more deeply into that will create a bad impact on the mind.

There are few tips mentioned below that can help you to enrich self-confidence inside yourself. Some of them are as follows-

  • Work on your strength

This is all about knowing your strength first, then working upon it build self-confidence. Much the same as everybody, you have your one of a kind qualities and great characteristics. Your strength is engaging and it's advantageous to learn as much as you can about yourself, your character and your qualities.

  • Concentrate on the beneficial things throughout your life

Quit overthinking on the negatives, the things you don't have or don't care for. Work on those things you can change and acknowledge those things you can't. Concentrate on the beneficial things about yourself and your life.

  • Have some quality time with yourself

You need to concentrate on yourself to look at the master plan for yourself. Consider yourself to be an entire individual and love yourself completely. Work, cash, training, looks, gifts or wellbeing don't characterize what your identity is; and they don't decide your value as an individual. Your self-understanding is your jewel to keep for life.

  • Perfection is not compulsory

Compulsiveness of perfection causes you to think a lot around the negative points about yourself. No one's ideal and it's essential to have sensible desires for what your identity is. It's alright and human to have defects, and you can't be great at everything. Try not to be embarrassed about your flaws. don’t try to suppress your flaws, you should try to recover them in a positive aspect.

These were some point which can help one who is going through the body shaming. One should accept themself irrespective of size, shape or complexion. However, it will be easy if the whole of society does think about this and avoids commenting or making statements upon others. This is a suggestion from our side that this society should also try to accept the flaws of people with a positive sense of action. It will become a great help to all those people who are cautious about their bodies.