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People have different interpretations of the word 'sex'. It means different to every individual. Irrespective of whether you are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or queer, you always have the right to decide what sex means to you. Sex is not just vaginal intercourse. It is more than that. It is more of anything that makes you feel sexual. Sexual interests often change over time. Good sexual health is about a lot more than just practicing safe sex or being able to get hard. Sexual health is all about how you view yourself as a sexual being and your ability to embrace your sexuality.

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There are numerous reasons to have quality sex in a supportive relationship. It helps you with multiple health benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduces stress and emotional perks. Sex has even proved to enhance the bond of relationship and lowered the divorce rates. Women who have sex a couple of times in a week are unlikely to get attacked by heart diseases. Also, a study suggests that a married woman who climaxed more often tended to live longer. So, you see, the list goes on. Let’s find out the benefits of sex in human life.

Benefits of a regular sex life

Sex is a healthy and natural activity. It is an act of pleasure between two individuals. You tend to feel good after having sex as the brain releases hormones that interpret stimulation as pleasurable. Apart from this, there are other benefits of sex which are well described below:

  • Psychological Benefits

Sex has sometimes proven to be beneficial emotionally. There are psychological benefits of lovemaking that improves the quality of your life.

  1. Happiness - According to some studies, sex drive increases the happy feeling inside you. The pleasure that you experience through sex makes you feel contented and blissful.
  2. Stress buster - When the stress level increases in our bodies they secrete cortisol and adrenaline, which can lead to fatigue and high blood pressure. Sex can reduce these hormones and make you feel better.
  3. Good Mood - During sex, your brain releases a chemical called endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals are called "feel good" chemicals. It reduces irritability and calms your depressed brain. Prolactin hormone is released from orgasm, which helps to promote good sleep.
  4. Improved self-image - Sex lowers the feeling of insecurity and moves you towards a positive attitude. It often boosts the self-esteem of an individual.
  • Physical Benefits

  1. Improve physical fitness - Good health is linked to exercise and sex is a form of physical activity. It is said that 200 calories are burned in 30 minutes of sex. Also, the food craving goes down with the chemicals released during sex.
  2. Promote immunity - When you have a better immune system in place, you have less chance to fall ill. It helps you to fight against the diseases that curb you due to seasonal changes like cold or flu.
  3. Pain reduction - The chemical endorphin, which is released during sex not only helps you to calm down your senses, but also reduces pain such as back pain and headaches.
  4. Cardiac effects - Sexual activity is linked with lower blood pressure. Sexual engagement helps to dilate blood vessels which increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells. This way the sex helps in reducing the blood pressure.
  5. Brain effects - Humans tend to lose memory power with aging. Some studies reveal that having sex more often can help adults of 50 years of age and above with improved memory performances.
  6. Sexual effect - Sexual activeness increases vaginal lubrication and boosts libido in women. Women who make love experience fewer period cramps.
  • Relationship Benefits

Having sex often benefits you and your partner individually, however, it also helps your relationship in many ways. Regular sex in a monogamous relationship increases the level of commitment and helps you to connect emotionally. Couples are likely to stay together forever when they can express their love in this way. Therefore, divorce rates go down. The chemicals released during sex, help you to keep calm and contribute to a strong bond and greater poignant intimacy.

Common fears about sex

Even though we all need sex and want to derive pleasure from it, there are some fears which prevent us from taking the first step towards sex. Sex is fun, spontaneous, exciting and relaxing for most people. However, for some, sex is a source of anxiety and fear. Women want to be sexually confident who feels positive about their desires and choices, but everyone doesn’t feel the same always. There are many reasons why women fear sex. Sex fears are not always visible and sometimes women are even ignorant about it. It causes low sex drive. Some of the reasons for sex fears are elaborated below.

  • Fear of the naked appearance - Not feeling attractive when you aren't wearing clothes often kills the mood of having sex. Women sometimes don’t feel good about some of their body parts and they become conscious before having sex. Some feel they are too fat, whereas some feel they are too thin. You need to understand that everyone is unique in their ways. The flaws that you carry are what make you unique. When your partner is excited to see your naked beauty, they wouldn’t be noticing anything that you might think should be hidden. Tell yourself that you are beautiful enough and build confidence within.
  • Incorrect timing of bodily functions - Especially women fear the fart or burp that may occur during sexual activity. They feel humiliated and hide out somewhere. You should remember that we all are human, and these things are natural for a human body. Not always do we have control over our bodies and it doesn’t make you less hot anyway. Therefore, you should just let go of the shame and not feel guilty of bodily functions.
  • Not getting orgasm - Roughly 75% of the women do not climax from intercourse. It is just not a big deal and this should not come in the way of sex. Try to find out what works for you like a hand or mouth job. Talk to your partner about it, so that they can help you to achieve it. Just sitting with the fear will not going to let you explore other things. If required, take advice from a sex therapist.
  • Being a disappointment to the partner - Don't stress yourself on becoming an extraordinarily perfect sex partner. By doing that, you may get yourself into more tension and will not be able to enjoy sex while doing it. It is okay to think about your wants and needs. Discuss with your partner what you like and don’t be scared to check with them about their needs. This practice enables healthy sex among the partners and both would be able to enjoy it.
  • Vaginal Pain - When a woman is suffering from vaginismus, her vagina's muscles squeeze when something like a penis or tampon enter. It can be painful and uncomfortable. Painful sex is the first sign of vaginismus. The pain happens only with penetration. It is a serious physical problem and needs treatment.
  • Getting hurt - Not every sexual encounter leads to a relationship. This is what a concern for women becomes. If you want to have sex with a particular individual also is afraid of getting a heartbreak, you shouldn’t go ahead. Still, if you are very adamant about having sex, you have to take a chance on being intimate even if the outcome isn’t what you want. Not everyone has sex with the intent of getting into a committed relationship.
  • Giving or getting STD - The fear of STDs is not irrational. To avoid the consequences, it is better to practice safe sex by using a condom. Having STD doesn’t make you a bad person and it also doesn’t mean that you should not have sex. You should be careful, honest and upfront with your partner.

How to overcome the fear of sex?

A few facts that can help you to overcome the sex fear are:

  • Identify the specific fears and challenge them. Think about the reason that caused that fear and find out ways to overcome them.
  • Educate yourself on human anatomy. The knowledge will help you to gain confidence.
  • Most fears are conquered by devising a plan of action. List your objectives and set up steps to follow your plan.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the easier will it be for you to overcome sex fear.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. This is what most women do and get demotivated and stressed. Just enjoy and have fun during sex.

Sexual encounter has the potential for positive and negative results. Lack of knowledge can escalate the fear of sex. Today's article will surely be a help to provide information related to sex fear and hope you can overcome it.